My Dream

By June 20, 2019 General

I have a dream to see an army of social reformers striding across Africa, the world’s second largest continent. An army that understand their assignment and have locked hands together to fulfil that assignment. I can already hear the sound of that army. I hear the stomping of boots. I hear the tanks rolling across the diverse terrain of the 54 nations that make up the continent. Each nation unique with its diversity of cultures, natural minerals and geographical beauty but all struggling with poverty, corruption and unfulfilled potential because of poor educational and health systems. This army arising is strong and mighty and refuses to do things in the same old way. This army is young and dynamic. They carry an energy. They move with speed, swift as gazelles. They are courageous, not easily frightened or deterred. They are the “cubs of the Lion of Judah”. They have a roar that you cannot ignore. They stride across the African continent leaving footprints of integrity. Their footprints replace those of corruption, dishonesty and the attitude of “what’s in it for me?” These footprints are not transactional but transformational. They fight intelligently. They understand their mission and they do not break ranks. They work in unity and unison. They disagree but without destroying that which binds them together. They recognise that they are a formidable force and in their unity, they take over territories. They scale walls and defy opposition.
Would you like to join this army? It is an Army of Reformers. Reformers Arise is a new sound. A new vibration. It can only be heard by those whose ears are tired of hearing the same excuses, tired of complaints. They carry the solutions that will silence the excuses and complaints.

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