Reformers Arise 2019

The Reformers Arise Conference was a great success. The energy in the room was contagious. Dreams were ignited and Hope restored for many.


We can do this

The “We Can Do This” Spirit was released. The unstoppable desire for Nation building was strengthened.


Phenomenal feedback

The event was “a conference, a workshop and a concert all rolled into one”.


Let the pictures speak. Let the videos excite you.

A very special thank you to our 300 special guests who showed up. We prepared for you and you came. You made the day unforgettable. Thank you to our wonderful and impactful speakers who gave us so much information and insight, and to the “Undercover Agents” who sat at the Tables and “watched” over the guests giving them information, answering their questions and generally taking care of their welfare. Big thank you to our brilliant MC, Seun Olaniyan who directed the day with such professionalism and creativity.

Highlights from the conference

The opening prayers by Yinyinade & Emmanuel Dania and Fatima Wali Abdurrahman set the stage

Then we were provoked by a blast of igniting Words and powerful visuals through the Spoken Word by Efe Paul – “The Audacity of Dreams”.


Keynote Speech

Professor Vincent C. Anigbogu

We had an impactful and insightful Keynote address titled “Reformers Arise and Build” by Prof Vincent Anigbogu, Director General International of the Institute of National Transformation. He was exceptional as always. He provoked our thoughts and gave us valuable nuggets of information.

He highlighted 6 attributes that modern-day Reformers should have to be effective in rebuilding the walls of our Society.

To learn about these 6 attributes Read the article


Mr Johnson Abbaly

Dr Chito Nwana

Mrs Maryam Uwais MFR

Mr Fela Durotoye

Reformer Declarations

The first ever Reformers Mission Statement Exercise was an invigorating experience. The energy in the room was palpable. It was a joy to watch three generations work at crafting reform Mission Statements.

Seven exceptional Mission statements were chosen and these were read out to the conference guests.

Then everyone read out the powerful Reformer declarations.

These declarations caused the atmosphere to shift. They released a power that strengthened convictions and birthed new mindsets.

Book Launch

#TheCelebratoryBookLaunch of the African Edition of Reformers Arise and the Dedication of the French Translation.

A beautiful and strong dance interpretation of the 12 Distinguishing Qualities of Game-Changing Reformers set the stage for learning through Celebration.

The African edition of the book Reformers Arise was launched by Mr Udy Ntia, who purchased 300 copies of the book, one for each person in the room. The French translation of the book was also dedicated and an extract read by Tolu Akerele.

Then Boma Beddie-Memberr brought the roof down with her original rap version of the 4 Building Blocks that establish a Reformer. Introducing the audience to
The 3 Cs:

  • Character
  • Competence
  • Collaboration;

and the fourth building block, Influence.

Read the book and discover the qualities. You will be amazed.

Available on Kindle

Available on Amazon

Available at Laterna Bookshop in Oko Awo Street, Victoria Island.


The first Awards Ceremony honoured 5 Game-Changing Reformers.  Mo Abudu and Maryam Uwais MFR were the first recipients of the Reformers Award for Africa, while three other Awardees were honoured with the Reformers Award for Nigeria for their defining reform initiatives.


“It was an awesome experience; the impactful audience, panelists and discussions”

“Excellent selection of speakers and the mission statement exercise was educative”

“It was informative and reformative; everything was superb”

“. . . . the impact ignited my passion.”

“The speeches and all the surprises”

“Keep the standard it is . . . . amazing”


What next

After the Reformers Arise Conference then what? The Conference is the Beginning of a journey not an end.


June 1st 2019:   R.O.A.R – Reformers of Africa Rising was launched


This launch marked the beginning of the ROAR Sounds and Talks.

ROAR Sounds will be a Gathering of Reformers that have arisen, that are building; that are pioneering and trailblazing. These talks will be captivating like TEDx Talks that will hold on a regular basis.



Join the Next Class of the Reform Entrepreneurs Programme

Secondly, you can join the next class of Incubator Africa’s flagship Programme, the Reform Entrepreneurs Programme (REP). This is a unique equipping and mentoring programme specially designed for those who wish to become “Game-Changing” Reformers. The first class started in April 2019; it is an exciting destiny shaping new programme made up six powerful modules and learning journeys.



Thirdly, we are building a powerful platform where reformers can be trained and equipped and be given an incredible opportunity to collaborate with other reformers across the African Continent and other exciting locations.